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These terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to the order by you and supply of goods by us to you ("Contract"). Orders are accepted subject to these trading conditions of Dynamic CCTV Ltd ("Supplier"). Purchasers of Supplier goods will on accepting delivery be deemed to have agreed that any printed condition on their order or other documents shall be binding where they are not at variance with these terms and conditions. Any purchaser who objects these below must prior to delivery of goods, inform the Supplier of the objections in writing whereupon the order shall be deemed to be cancelled unless any proposal variation is accepted in writing by a Director of the Supplier.

1. ORDER PROCESS. Each order is an offer by you to buy the goods specified in the order ("Goods") subject to these Terms. Please ensure that you check your order carefully before confirming it. You are responsible for ensuring that your order is complete and accurate.

After you place your order, you will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received it, but please note that this does not mean that your order has been accepted.

Our acceptance of your order takes place when we send you an email confirming that the Goods have been dispatched or when we send our invoice to you (whichever is earlier). The Contract between you and us will only be formed when we send this email to you.

If we are unable to supply you with the Goods for any reason, we will inform you of this by email and we will not process your order.

2. GOODS. Images of the Goods on our site are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that your computer's display of the colours accurately reflect the colours of the Goods. The colour of your Goods may vary slightly from those images. We reserve the right to amend the specification of the Goods if required by any applicable statutory or regulatory requirement.

3. PRICES. The prices charged for the Goods will, unless otherwise specified, be those quoted on our website at the time you submit your order. Our prices may change from time to time, however this will not affect any order you have already placed. Quantity rates will apply one to each other individual order and each delivery. Orders may not be aggregated to obtain quantity rates. Price quotes are exclusive of VAT, however if the rate of VAT changes between the date of your order and the date of delivery, we will adjust the VAT you pay, unless you have already paid for the Goods in full before the change in VAT takes effect. All prices quoted and charged are subject to the payment being made within these terms. In the event of payment being overdue by 60 days or more then such prices are liable to recalculation at the Suppliers retail prices ruling in its price list current at the end of 60 days.

4. ORDERS. All orders shall be subject to the Purchasers credit worthiness as determined by the Supplier. From time to time, upon request, the Purchaser shall furnish such financial information requested by the Supplier as will enable the Supplier to evaluate the Purchasers financial status. Any credit account we have opened that is not used for a period of 6 months or more will be subject to a credit review prior to any further orders being despatched. Any order placed and
accepted by Dynamic CCTV Ltd may only be cancelled with our consent and on such terms that the Supplier may determine.

5. SHIPMENT. Shipment will only be made by the method of the Suppliers choice unless otherwise agreed and be made only to any of the Purchasers permanent addresses. Every effort will be made to effect delivery on the date or to any programme of dates agreed, but no guarantee of delivery dates can be given and time is not the essence of the contract for delivery. Failure in any one delivery shall not invalidate the contract as to the remaining deliveries (if any). Delivery is complete once the Goods are unloaded at the address for delivery. The Goods will be at your risk at that time.

If we fail to deliver the Goods, you must notify us within 3 days of expected date of delivery of the Goods. Our liability is limited to the cost of obtaining replacement goods of similar description and quality in the cheapest market available, less (if payment for the Goods has already been made to us) the price of the Goods. However, we will not be liable to the extent that any failure to deliver was caused by a force majeure event (see clause 12).

If you fail to take delivery within 10 days after the day on which we notified you that the Goods were ready for delivery, we may resell part of, or all the Goods and, after deducting any reasonable storage and selling costs, account to you for any excess over the price of Goods paid by you or charge you for any shortfall below the price of the Goods received from you.

6. PAYMENT. All monies due to be paid not later than the end of the month following the date of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing. Payments shall become immediately due upon commencement of any proceedings or to any commission of any act in which the Purchasers insolvency is involved. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at the rate of 4% per annum above the base rate of Barclays Bank plc.

7. TITLE TO THE GOODS. You own the Goods once we have received payment in full, including of all applicable delivery charges.

Until the Supplier has been paid in full for Goods or until title to the Goods is relinquished to the Purchaser by the Supplier by writing under the personal hand of the Director of the Supplier:
a) The Goods remain the property of the Supplier and the Supplier reserves the right to dispose of the Goods or any of them.

b) The Supplier may repossess (and for this purpose follow and trace) the Goods at any time from the Purchaser, if in his possession, if the Supplier considers the amount outstanding is in excess of the credit limit and overdue for payment. The Supplier, its servants and agents may enter the Purchasers premises where the Supplier has reason to believe any of the Goods are situated.
c) The Purchaser as bailee undertakes to keep the Goods safe and in good order and condition and clearly identified as the Suppliers.

d) Should the Purchaser have passed the Goods or any of them to a third party (or have incorporated them in work for a third party) this will be deemed to have been done as the Suppliers agent only and any sums received by the Purchasers in respect of such Goods shall be held on trust for the Supplier until all sums due to the Supplier are discharged.

e) Upon commission of any act of bankruptcy by an individual Purchaser the immediate repossession of the Goods shall forthwith automatically revisit in the Supplier.

f) All costs, including legal fees, occasioned in the recovery of the Goods shall be paid by the Purchaser.

8. WARRANTY. The Supplier warrants that on delivery the Goods shall be free from material defects in design, material and workmanship and be of satisfactory quality within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979. The Supplier makes no other warranty, express or implies with respect to the Goods, their marketability, quality or fitness for any particular use or purpose. In particular but without prejudice to the general provisions of these conditions no responsibility is assured for incidental or consequential damages of any warranty express implied. Goods returned with tampering at the serial number label or security seal will, automatically be void of any warrantee.

Should you give us notice in writing with a reasonable time of discovering that some or all of the Goods do not comply with the warranty set out in this clause 8, give us a reasonable opportunity to examine the Goods and, if we ask you to do so, return the Goods to us at your cost, we will, at our option, repair or replace the defective Goods, or refund the price of the defective Goods in full.

We will not be liable for breach of the warranty set out in this clause 8 in the event of failure to observe the instructions for the installation of external devices which results in the ingress of water causing damage, you make further use of the Goods after giving notice to us that they do not comply with the warranty, the defect arises from us following any drawing, design or specification supplied by you, you alter or repair the Goods without our written consent, the defect arises as a result of fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, abnormal storage or working conditions, or failure to operate the Goods in accordance with the instructions manual. The Supplier is not liable for any losses incurred due to work involved in the replacement of faulty equipment. Goods with no fault found will be charged for engineer’s time and carriage. The terms implied by sections 13 to 15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from the Contract. These Terms also apply to any repaired or replacement Goods supplied by us to you.

9. RETURNS. Returns for credit are only permitted with the Suppliers prior consent in writing. Such returns must be sent to the Supplier freight pre-paid and in unused condition quoting all relevant invoices/shipping numbers. A restocking charge may be made of 20% of the invoice value, however a higher rate will apply if re-packing or recartoning is necessary.

10. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Nothing in these Terms limits or excludes our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of the terms implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or any other liability that cannot be limited or excluded by law. We will under no circumstances be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, arising under or in connection with the Contract for any loss of profits, sales, business or revenue, loss or corruption of data, information or software, loss of business opportunity, loss of anticipated savings, loss of goodwill or any indirect or consequential loss. Our total liability to you for all losses arising under or in connection with the Contract howsoever arising will in no circumstances exceed the price of the Goods. Except as expressly stated in these Terms, we do not give any representations, warranties or undertakings in relation to the Goods. Any representation, condition or warranty which might be implied or incorporated into these Terms by statute, common law or otherwise is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. In particular, we will not be responsible for ensuring that the Goods are suitable for your purposes.

11. RIGHT OF TERMINATION BY DYNAMIC CCTV LTD. Right of cancellation by Dynamic CCTV Ltd, will become operable if the Purchaser commits a material breach of any term of the Contract (and, if such breach is remediable, fails to remedy that breach within 10 days of being notified in writing to do so), fails to pay any amount due under the Contract on the due date for payment, takes any step or action in connection with entering administration, provisional liquidation or any composition or arrangement with your creditors, being wound up, having a receiver appointed to any of your assets or ceases to carry on business, or if its financial position deteriorates to such an extent that in our option your capability to adequately fulfil your obligations under the Contract are placed in jeopardy. Termination of the Contract shall not affect your or our rights and remedies that have accrued as at termination.

12. FORCE MAJEURE. The Supplier shall not be responsible or liable for its failure to perform its obligations if such failure is beyond the reasonable control of the Supplier. If such an event occurs, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible and our obligations under the Contract will be suspended and the time for performance of our obligations extended for the duration that the event continues.

13. RELATIONSHIP. Relationship is that of the Supplier and Purchaser, and neither the Supplier or the Purchaser nor any of their employees, customers or agents shall be deemed to be the representative, agent or employee of the other for any purpose, whatsoever, nor shall any of them have any right or authority to assume or create an obligation of any kind or nature, express or implied, on behalf of the other, nor to accept service of any legal process addressed to or intended for the other, not to pledge the others credit. The Purchaser warrants and represents that there is no legal impediment preventing acceptance of these terms and that the acceptance these has been duly authorised and the obligations do not conflict with or violate any terms and conditions of any other agreement or commitment by the buyer.

14. SPECIFICATIONS. Due to continuous manufacturing modifications the specifications for all products may change without notice. E&OE.


ASSIGNMENT. We may assign or transfer or rights and obligations under the Contract to another entity. You may only assign or transfer your rights or obligations under the Contract to another person if we agree in writing.

VARIATION. Any variation of the Contract only has effect if it is in writing and signed by you or us (or our respective authorised representatives).

WAIVER. If we do not insist that you perform any of your obligations under the Contract, or if we do not enforce our rights against you, or if we delay in doing so, that will not mean that we have waived our rights against you or that you do not have to comply with these obligations. If we do waive any rights, we will only do so in writing at our absolute discretion.

SEVERANCE. Each paragraph of these Terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them is unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

THIRD PARTY RIGHTS. The Contract is between you and us. No other person has any rights to enforce any of its terms.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT. The Contract is the entire agreement between us in relation to its subject matter. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement, promise or representation or assurance or warranty that is not set out in the Contract.

GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION. This Contract is governed by English law and each party irrevocably agrees to submit all disputes arising out of or in connection with this Contract to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Content Copyright Notice:
The catalogue is the Copyright of Dynamic CCTV Ltd. None of the articles in the catalogue may be reproduced and resubmitted online or in print either in full or amended without the permission of Dynamic CCTV Ltd. Legal action will be taken should we be made aware of any infringements of copyright.


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