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DriveCare: The ultimate peace of mind with rescue surveillance 


Dynamic has partnered up with Seagate to bring our customers DriveCare Data Preservation.


Protects against:

Mechanical Damage 


Data Corruption


Providing industry leading data recorvery and advanced replacement drive care service under one unique service plan.


What is it and what does it cover 

•  3 Year Plan for Skyhawk products (all capacities)
  Data Recovery and Advanced Replacement HDD
  Easy to Register / Easy to Claim
  Replacement HDD supplied to keep your customers CCTV system recording
  90% success rate
  No hidden costs
  Fast and Easy Data Recovery
•  More than 30 years of experience in Data Recovery resulting in a 90% success rate
  Secure Data handling in a fully controlled environment
  DriveCare Advanced replacement service to keep your surveillance system operational and recording
  Supports CCTV RAID storage systems up to 10 drives
  Covers Human Error, Viruses, Software Corruption, Natural Disasters etc.
  Sold as a “Service” care


Speak with our team for more details [email protected]

Delivering Best-in-Class Surveillance Experience

Key Benefits 

• 3× workload rate compared to standard desktop hard drives 

• 64 HD cameras supported for simultaneous, 24×7 workloads 

• ImagePerfect™ firmware with uninterrupted frames and seamless streaming 

• SkyHawk Health Management for prevention, intervention, and recovery options