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HDMI Modulator
  • HDMI DVB-T RF Modulator
  • 1080P High_Definition over RF
  • Converts an HDMI signal into an HD digital Freeview DVB-T compatible signal 
  • Cascadable 
  • Automatic EDID & HDCP communication
  • Requires a DVB-T or DVB-T2 compatible TV


Connect any HDMI device such as a satellite receiver, CCTV system, Blu-ray player, etc. and watch it in Full HD 1080p over a coaxial RF system.

You can also watch on many TVs using a passive splitter or amplifier (both sold separately, explained further below*).

If you already have an existing Standard Definition RF distribution system but your device is in High-Definition, just change your existing RF modulator to this and watch in High-Definition 1080p on a DVB-T or DVB-T2 compatible TV. The cabling is exactly the same.

Can also be cascaded with multiple TM-RF HD so you can watch different devices on different TVs! Such as CCTV on TV1, Satellite on TV2, etc.

All settings are controlled via the onboard menu screen and buttons. Automatic HDCP and EDID management continuously monitors communication between connected devices.

*depending on the lengths of coaxial RG6 cables used, a passive splitter up to 8 outputs for up to 8 televisions can be used. Powered amplifiers/splitters can also be used as well as bypass models which can send IR Infra-Red remote control signals, however, an attenuator may be required (attenuators decrease signal db) as powered amplifiers increase a signal strength.


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