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Hood for MotionProtect Outdoor protects from rain and snow
Available Q2 2024 - approx



Hood for MotionProtect Outdoor protects sensors of the anti-masking system from rain and snow


Snowstorm won’t be a drag

Besides intruders, snow can interfere with the regular operation of the detector. It may stick to anti-masking sensors, block their field of view, and cause a false alarm. Hood protects MotionProtect Outdoor during a snowfall.

Rainfall won’t cause a scene

Anti-masking sensors react to spray paint. But an extended exposure to heavy rain may create interference. Hood protects MotionProtect Outdoor during a thunderstorm to avoid any disturbance related to false alarms.

No need to dismount

Hood can be attached to MotionProtect Outdoor without dismounting the detector from the bracket. The accessory comes with everything you’ll need for installation.


More Information
Colour White
Manufacturer Ajax
Type of Product simple
New Product No