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Dynamic CCTV

  1. New Partnership

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    Dynamic CCTV is delighted to announce their partnership with Optimus UK

    Optimus is a manufacturer of 4G LTE intercoms, designed to work out of the box with automated doors, gates and barriers. Optimus provides wireless door entry solutions to suit almost every scenario supported by a smart phone programming app, all  products in the range are designed for hassle free installation and programming.

    4G LTE communication offers a variety of advantages over hard wired intercom solutions such as cost and time saving elements as well as the ability to install them in locations where it is physically not possible to run communication cables. The units are programmed to simply dial one or more mobile numbers when the call button is pressed where upon answering the user can talk with and  grant the caller access to the premises from the phones keypad. it is also possible for known mobile numbers to call the terminals for automatic entry.

    All Optimus intercoms are manufactured, built, and tested in the United Kingdom to the very highest standard utilizing a marine grade stainless steel faceplate with an index protection rating of IP64 . Every intercom comes with a 2 year return to manufacturer guarantee and are supported by our own in house technical support team.

    More information on the range, features and benefits can be viewed here. or contact your account manager to arrange a demonstration.

  2. Hikvision Important Firmware Update

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    Hikvision has issued updated firmware on our portal: that fixes a critical Command Injection Vulnerability in the webserver of some Hikvision products. The list of products affected by the vulnerability can be accessed through the Security Advisory on our website.

    We recognize that many of our partners may have installed Hikvision equipment that is affected by this vulnerability, and we strongly encourage that you work with your customers to ensure proper cyber hygiene and install the updated firmware.

    With this vulnerability we wanted to provide you the details and timeline to reassure you that Hikvision’s commitment to cybersecurity is strong. In June 2021, Hikvision was contacted by a security researcher, named Watchful IP, who reported a potential vulnerability in a Hikvision camera. Once we confirmed receipt of this report, Hikvision worked directly with the researcher to patch and verify the successful mitigation of the reported vulnerability, following the standard Coordinated Disclosure Process.

    To date, the vulnerabilities that have been reported to Hikvision and/or made publicly known, have been patched in the latest Hikvision firmware, which is readily available on the Hikvision website

    In addition, Hikvision is a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) and has committed to continuing to work with third-party white-hat hackers and security researchers, to find, patch, disclose and release updates to products in a timely manner that is commensurate with our CVE CNA partner companies' vulnerability management teams.

    Hikvision strictly complies with the applicable laws and regulations in all countries and regions where we operate and our efforts to ensure the security of our products go beyond what is mandated.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions or concerns.

    Yours sincerely,

    Justin Hollis
    Marketing Director – UK & Ireland

    Hikvision UK & Ireland
    4 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, UB11 1ET
    Tel: +44 (0) 1628 902 140

    Download PDF Here

  3. New Partnership

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    Dynamic CCTV announce new partnership with Penton UK Ltd

    Penton are a market leader in commercial audio solutions and offer a full product portfolio which includes analogue and IP loudspeakers, audio encoders, public address, voice alarm and audio over IP solutions.

    Their TERRACOM audio over IP range of products has opened up a new market sector for Penton within the security market, the range offers a host of IP based products and features which utilises the existing or new IP infrastructure  and integrates with your security back end devices for audio encoding, decoding and contact triggered applications.

    Penton have over 20 years’ experience in audio system design and manufacturing and pride themselves in being able to cater their services to your requirements which includes system design, site visits, training, on/off site commissioning and system maintenance.

    For a complete list of Penton project references please visit

    Through this new partnership Dynamic CCTV will benefit from supplying Pentons wide range of audio solutions and services allowing us to deliver to our customer base a vast range of functional and project based audio solutions and expertise.

    Check our IP Audio Range

  4. Hikvision 5 Year Warranty

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    Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, has launched a new 5-year Warranty on premium project products in the UK & Ireland to further support customers and make project maintenance easier and more cost-effective.

    Hikvision takes quality seriously and puts a lot of effort into ensuring our products are both innovative and reliable. To give customers greater peace of mind, the 5-year Warranty will be added for premium project product lines, like DeepinView and Ultra Series cameras, DeepinMind and Ultra Series NVRs; and Thermal Products (*excludes Temperature Screening products) from 1 January 2020. Click here for a full list of relevant products.

    Most Hikvision products come with a standard 3-year warranty, but Hikvision recognises the value of extra support to help customers with managing projects and costs. For this reason, relevant products shipped from Hikvision to the original purchaser from 1 January 2020 will automatically have a guarantee of five years in total. This extended warranty also applies to purchases of these products going forward.

    Terms and Conditions
    All terms and conditions as to warranty services remain unchanged, except for the expiry date. These terms and conditions include but not limited to RMA policy, Regulations of Overseas Extended Warranty Policy For Hikvision UK & Ireland.

    Subject to the warranty terms, the 5-year warranty applies to relevant products which are shipped from Hikvision to the original purchaser from 1 January 2020. For the avoidance of doubt, to qualify 5-year warranty, the delivery of the products by Hikvision to the port of shipment to the first purchaser shall be no earlier than 1 January 2020. This date shall be specified in the purchasing orders/invoice.

    Hikvision reserves the right to amend and/or terminate this extended warranty at any time without incurring any liability whatsoever.

  5. Hik-ProConnect

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    New to Hikvision - HikProConnect

    Hik-ProConnect is a convergent, cloud-based security solution that helps manage services for your customers and helps you expand your business through subscription offers.

    You can monitor the system health status of your customers’ sites remotely, and even resolve problems, using a simple and reliable platform.

    Hik-ProConnect enables you to customize security solutions for customers with fully-converged Hikvision devices, covering video, intrusion, access, intercom, and more.

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  6. Hikvision Feature on 'The One Show'

    Hikvision Feature on 'The One Show' resized

    Head on over to BBC iPlayer to watch last night's 'The One Show' where Sales Director, Gary Harmer and Product Manager, Lynn Zhang, talk about Hikvision's latest Temperature Screening Solutions.

    Skip to the Good Stuff

    Temperature Screening Overview - 3:26
    Temperature Screening MinMoe Solution - 5:55

    Check out our Temperature Screening Range

  7. Sign Up For Our Webinars

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    Dynamic CCTV has now launched webinar training.  Offering remote learning available at your fingertips.

    Keeping you in the know about the latest products, advances, and what’s new at Dynamic CCTV.

    Our webinars are aimed at hands-on CCTV professionals in all roles and provide an opportunity to continue learning, advancing skill set and knowledge.

    Click here to register for our webinars



    Dynamic CCTV are proud to announce a partnership with Secure Logiq providing servers for Hikcentral.

    A message from our Partner:

    “Secure Logiq are really happy to have partnered with Dynamic CCTV, providing a full server and client hardware solution to be partnered with the HIKCentral VMS platform. From our first meeting it was clear that the team at Dynamic CCTV shared the same end to end ethos as Secure Logiq, providing customer service from the initial enquiry through to post installation support. The Dynamic CCTV team pride themselves on their knowledge and understanding of the products they sell, making them an excellent partner to sell, what can sometimes, be seen as a complicated product. We are confident that this distribution partnership will add an extra layer of value to our companies and the system integrators who are completing the installations.”

    Ben Yoxall
    Sales Director
    Secure Logiq Limited

    Buy yours today

  9. Hikvision App Store is Now up and Running

    Hikvision App Store is Now up and Running resized

    Hikvision App Store is now up and running, safely download and upgrade Hikvsion apps.

    - Hik-Connect
    - HikCentral Mobile
    - HikCentral HD
    - iVMS-4500
    - HiLookVision


  10. Temperature Screening Solution Featured on BBC News

    Temperature Screening Solution Featured on BBC News resized

    Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution - Featured on BBC news... Click here to read the article

    • 1s measurement
    • AI algorithm
    • Contact-free
    • Multi-person detection

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