The new V5.4.5 firmware for the 2-line cameras has been released, to download please follow the following links:

R0 platform
R6 platform

Please pay attention to the description about V5.4.5 firmware on official website.

Warning Notice:

WARNING: Please note that this firmware will not support HiDDNS. If you use the HiDDNS service, you must convert to our new Hik-Connect service before performing this firmware upgrade. Before proceeding, make a record of your devices’ IP addresses and ports information. Then register a new Hik-Connect account by using the Web portal at or Hik-Connect mobile app, iVMS-4500 from the IOS App store/Google Play.



2-line IPC V5.4.5 New Features on Hik-Connect:

1.  Remove HiDDNS and IPServer from DDNS function and keep DynDNS, No-IP

2.  Add Hik-Connect function, support Hik-Connect Domain name and alarm PUSH service
a) Hik-Connect is disabled as default
b) To use Hik-Connect Domain service, customer needs to configure port mapping (UPnP or     Port forwarding) and make sure the device is accessible with external IP address and external ports.

3.  Verification code:

a) Verification code is removed from device label (for new manufactured devices)

b) Verification code information is removed from QR code (for new manufactured devices)

c) During device activation or 1st time enable Hik-Connect function, verification code need to be created or changed by customers.

Rules: 6 to 12 letters (a to z, A to Z) or numbers (0 to 9), Case Sensitive.

d) Verification code can be displayed or edited remotely on web or iVMS-4200 (later baseline version iVMS-4200 in May and CD version with new manufactured devices)